Motion network camera (security) for HA


i want create the following: 2 Ip cammera that will be connected to HA and must do:

  • Access only from the local network
  • Save Video/image immediately to network drive
  • Motion detection
  • rotating

1- Any aliexpress camera will be good for this?
2- Any additional services i wil need for this?


I would make sure it works with homebridge / homekit. It looks like apple is going to give a lot more features.

personally I use Hikvision cameras (you haven’t confirmed if the cameras will be inside/outside, need night view via IR, lens size)
the ones I have do not rotate, and personally I would stay away from cameras that automatically rotate: motion detection by video becomes next to impossible then as all pixels change as it rotates, or rotation is poor as it needs to pause every so often for the video to be stable and analyse any potential motion.
You can also use something like tensorflow that is able to recognise objects/persons for improved motion detection (my next project)

foscam camera’s work great for me and they aren’t too expensive.

or you can look on here for info on esp32 camera’s. there is a thread about them and @DrZzs has a really good video on setting them up. and they are cheap.