Motion PIR, DHT11, ESP01 and EspEasy

So as you can see from the title, I’m wanting to build a series of sensor nodes from my home. They will feature motion and temp. I have flashed the esp01 with ESPeasy. Attached below is how I configured the GPIO pins. My question is how to I add them to my Config.yaml file?

I know the PIR is working on the ESP as i can refresh the page as im waving my hand in front of the sensor and the 0 will change to a 1 then back again.
Any help is appreciated.

No suggestions?

Doesn’t EspEasy support reporting with MQTT? I would just use that and use the built in HA MQTT broker then use a MQTT Binary Sensor and 2 MQTT Sensors.

I’ve never used EspEasy so I don’t know how to configure that, but using the default MQTT broker in HA and those components is really easy and is well documented on the components page.

Turn on MQTT in the overall ESP Easy settings

To be honest a lot of the documentation is not well documented or its outdated due to rapid growth and changes in ESPeasy, Tasmota, MQTT HA etc…
I understand when you were talking about Binary sensor and 2 mqtt sensors. The problem is IDK what that should look like on the yaml file.

Yeah I’m not showing this above but its on.

I think the HA documentation for MQTT is fine. Here are two examples from my own setups. Granted, I use my own custom software on my ESP chips.

  - platform: mqtt
      name: motion sensor
      state_topic: "home/downstairs/kitchen/motion"
      device_class: motion

  - platform: mqtt
      name: temperature sensor
      state_topic: "home/downstairs/kitchen/temperature"

If you need to know which topics ESPeasy is publishing and you can’t figure it out via the interface, you can remote into your HA machine and use the hbmqtt_sub utility. The following command will dump everything received including the topic name and data contained in it.

hbmqtt_sub --url mqtt://localhost -t '#' -d

I am also experimenting with EasyESP. Before I was using micropython and this code to communicate with HASS and I think I will go back.
For now I use MQTT Discovery and use rules On System#Boot do to send MQTT message to hass to create sensors. Setup mqtt on the easyesp and send values.