Motion sensor 433MHz

Hello. I have Raspi3 and cheap 433MHZ receiver. HASSBIAN installed. 433 receiver is plugged to Raspi GPIO. It succesfully receives from my cheap motion sensor using script. In the future I will have more motion sensors.

Using this script I can see this line (8 times on every movement detection):
rfrx: 7621980 [pulselength 482, protocol 1]

Which component should I use in HA for this sensor? I will send some push messages to mobile phone or run some siren after movement will be detected (if alarm will be armed). I try PILIGHT but it is terrible pain in the ass. There is still some issue with raspi3, daemon wont start automatically etc.

Please give me some good advice. Thank you.

Please look to the Pi RF Switch Component. I think this does exactly what you want.

Thank you @poolcactus but the switch seems to receiving ON and also OFF signal. My motion sensor sends signal only of motion is detected so there is only ON.

Isn´t this PI RF Switch for “broadcasting” instead of “receiving”? Motion sensor is most like a trigger than a switch.

I don’t use this component myself but have set up RFlink connected to my RPI. I now see hat this component i mentioned before is indeed only for sending.
However, if you have a script running in the background of your Pi that receives the data, you could set up an MQTT binary sensor that goes on and then again off after a period of time?