Motion sensor activate light when going down stairs. How to stop it from activate it when going back up?

If this makes sense?

How can i include the light switch at the bottom of the stairs to cancel the motion sensor for 1 minute if turned off?

I love having the light turn on when going down, but would like to turn it off manually on the way back up. Right now the sensor see me when i am at the top and turn the light back on.

You need to add another automation with “Restart” mode:


  • Your light switch changed state from on to off


  • Disable automation that turns on the light by motion
  • Delay 1 minute
  • Enable automation that turns on the light by motion

Or you can put a second motion sensor at the bottom of the stairs, and use its events to disable automation for a minute.

Thanks! Good idea about the delay action!

I ended up doing switch and motion triggers, but with chose action that delayed the automation if pressing the light switch. That way i can make it past the motion detector at the top of the stairs.