Motion sensor and sunset

I have a IR sensor that send if someone walk by so it turn on the light.
But between that I like to have some wait until sunset so as long is between sunrise and sunset it does not turn on the light.

Pass the output of the motion sensor thru a Time Range Node so that it only passes te payload during the time period you want. (Orange nodes in the image below) I believe this is part of the standard NR installation, otherwise you can use the pallet manager to add it.

In this flow I control the hallway lights based upon motion and time of day. I have a bypass loop that allows the lights to trigger on cloudy days. The current state node allows me to disable the automatic triggering of the lights.

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Do you mean you only want to turn on the light if there is movement and it is after sunset and before the sun goes up?

mm I don’t want to turn on light when is not dark outside.

Thanks, it was nice and easy to fix that :slight_smile:

For me, sunset/rise was not sufficient as in summer it is still quite light after sunset and already light well before sunrise. In the end I ended up with the Sun2 hacs solution and created a dawndusk sensor which is ‘on’ between dawn and dusk.
a simpler solution might also to use the elevation and assume -6 as a trigger, i.e. if elevation above -6 then it is after dawn and before dusk

mm yes that is true.
But is ok right now, I have a Lux meter that I can add later but right now sunset/sunrise is better then nothing :slight_smile:

The luxmeter is of course the best solution as that includes effects of clouds/etc. I only have one such a thing (hue sensor) and this is not good on low lx

have a Hue sensor for motion sensor and lux but does not working right now.

I have a hue motion/lx/temp too and this does not work for me, it falls really rapdily to 0 lux so could not use it for the dawn/dusk.