Motion Sensor is Stuck in "Motion Detected" Status

It’s really weird case!
I have my HA working perfectly since more than a year. I have bunch of Zigbee motion sensors from multiple vendors that work fine.
Lately I tried to add a couple of zigbee motion sensors, no issue here, but the sensors are stuck in “Motion Detected” status, I’ve reseted, deleted and replaced the sensors with no luck. I even switched to another vendor and same problem persists!!!
Any idea? Did anyone face the same issue

Maybe add the sensor details so people can respond to the brand/type too?

I have the same issue. When I added two new motion sensors, they worked perfectly, but then I switched off my small server with Hassio installation and then switched on back. So, after that I see that the motion sensors shows motion detected all the time.

Yeah, I have the issues with sensor in general now for the last couple of days. I has all of them running through Node Red but after they stopped working I changed them to HA automations instead. That worked better but only if the motion entity state and not reacting to the device changing state. I know is recent thing because I’ve hade the same setup for ages now and it started happening on all motion & magnet sensors at the same time. Sometimes a restart helps but it quickly goes back to becoming unresponsive. I see the state change back and forth, and sometimes it only goes one way, i.e. not switching back. The problems is that even when it does change state it doesn’t always trigger automations or node red flows.