Motion sensor (PIR) retriggering time problem


I just found out, that my HC-SR501 motion detector has 5 seconds delay between movement notifications. It means when I wave the hand on front of it the state will goes off after that time:

[20:53:**08**][D][binary_sensor:036]: 'Motion Sensor': Sending state ON
[20:53:**11**][D][binary_sensor:036]: 'Motion Sensor': Sending state OFF

So I tried to manipulate the code to make the retrigger faster. I came up to 3 seconds by using delayed_off filter:

  - platform: gpio
    pin: 1
    name: "Motion Sensor"
    device_class: motion
    id: move
  - platform: template
    name: "WC motion delayed"
    lambda: |-
      return id(move).state;
      - delayed_off: 0ms

The problem is that I want to “see” every movement detected. I don’t need that delay.
Is anybody has the same situation and maybe found resolution for it?

PS. The retriever knob is already turned to minimum.
PS2. I tested on two 501’s.
PS3. Under Arduino Nano works fine…

Just a quick update.

So I moved from 501 IR sensor to the microwave option. Since it is much more reliable than 501 I still get 3 seconds delay.
Starting to think, that the problem is deeper than in sensors.
Anyway. I will keep you posting while I will find something interesting.

Have you got a solution for the delayed_off to be smaller? Like 1-2 seconds maximum? I use an Athom Presence Sensor in EspHome and I can change this setting, but is in vain, still 15 seconds to wait…

Hello @PickOne,

no, unfortunately I havent found any solution for PIR sensor. I moved to microwave sensor: RCWL-0516.

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Yeah, I did the same… :frowning: In fact, I use both.