Motion sensor sensitivity setting?

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using Home Assistent 0.85.1 on Hassbian.

I have set up (with help from here) a Philips Hue Motion sensor as a binary sensor. My question is how and if, it is possible to configure its sensitivity, for both lux and motion?

In my sensors.yaml;

- platform: template
      friendly_name: 'Hallway temperature'
      value_template: '{{(state_attr("binary_sensor.hue_motion_sensor_motion_1", "temperature") | round(1) )}}'
      unit_of_measurement: °C
      friendly_name: 'Hallway lumination'
      value_template: '{{state_attr("binary_sensor.hue_motion_sensor_motion_1", "lx")}}'
      unit_of_measurement: lux

and in ~/.homeassistant/automation/motion_sensor_hallway.yaml;

alias: 'test of motion in HA'
  platform: state
  entity_id:  binary_sensor.hue_motion_sensor_motion_1
  to: 'on'
  condition: time
  after: '20:00:00'
  before: '21:00:00'
    - tue
    - wed
- service: light.turn_on
    entity_id: light.bedroom
    brightness: 20
    kelvin: 2700
- delay:
    minutes: 5
- service: light.turn_off
  entity_id: light.bedroom

This is just for testing out things, and the 3 things I don’t get to work is

  • scan_interval
  • lux sensitivity
  • motion sensitivity

So I am eager to hear how you guys do this? My hallway is approx 4 meters, sensor is at the far end of it. I often get to the middle before the light triggers. If pitch black, this is not optimal… :slight_smile:

I’d really appriciate hints on how to proceed. Maybe I am doing it completely wrong? Thanks!

Thank you! Will read up on that and hopefully get on my way! Have a nice weekend! :slight_smile:


Of course you could copy parts in my package , but don’t you use the App?

I made these options in Ha specifically to set and read attributes from automations. Still use the Hue app though to set real life values for the sensors …

Let me know what you need;-)

I rarely use the app these days. I did not succeed in setting motion detection up for all conditions the way I wanted. Light conditions seemed to affect when the trigger went off, tried loads of combinations of Low, Medium, High settings with lux settings. What I really need is a trigger that always goes off at X meters, regardless of lighting conditions. It is great to be able to have conditions on light level as well, but it should always trigger at the same distance. I guess a sensor that can do that is a lot more expensive, and if so, it is really out of scope, but if at all possible, I’d sure love it. I had hopes that Home Assistant’s API somehow allowed to fine-tune what the App could do.

going through the HUE api, I don’t think that is available. If it isn’t in the Hue api, it isn’t in the HA possibilities to do so…

You could file a feature request at the Hue developers community…

You would need to ‘translate’ the sensors motion sensitivity to that I guess. Not sure if it is sensitive to distance or amount of motion. I have positive experience setting it to low, to only react if ‘bigger’ movements are measured (waving arms vs small nodding…). Maybe distance would translate to that too in HUE logic.
This is already regardless of lighting conditions.

I wonder how you woul’d have thought tat to be possible. It’s a bit like buying a regular switch and hoping HA can make it meter the energy consumption… :wink:

Well, I certainly do understand that the hardware/firmware needs to support the features in order for HA to use them. But quite often in consumer electronics, more advanced features are available through an API or a CLI, that, for different reasons, is not available through the GUI. That’s why I still had my hopes up. I will write a feature request on a meter setting for the motion sensor though.

yep, but that why I said that:

no whee in the Api have I found meters. at all.
Ill support the feature request, just post it here and we’ll hop over

If it will be made available, you can use the method in my package to set and read that


I don’t think you can really have any infrared sensor that is consumer grade and battery operated go off at an exact distance. In HA version 0.93 and above the Hue sensors are exposed to HA directly so you can achieve what was not possible fully when this post was first opened.
Light, Temp and Motion are three different sensors. and work independently of what the settings in the Hue app are. Exception is sensitivity which seems to affect the sensor behaviour directly and not just monitor a level.