Motion Sensor via IP Cam JSON POST or URL Content Change

I’ have been getting my HA setup dialed in over the last week, but have tried and failed to set up a Motion Sensor via my IP Cam.

When motion is detected by my IP camera (Yi Home Camera with Yi-Hack installed) within the last 60 seconds, the defined webpage (http://XXX.XXX.X.104/motion) displays the filename of the newest recording (ie: record/2017Y06M26D13H/15M00S.mp4).

Alternatively, the custom firmware has the ability to input a URL destination for a JSON POST with the following format upon motion being detected:

    "armed": true,
    "motion": false,
    "last_motion_check": 1490776393,
    "host": "YiCamera"

This may be easier to implement, but I have no idea how (what URL to point the JSON POST to so that it can be received by RESTful Sensor and then how to interpert the values and translate to a motion sensor).

Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated.