Motion sensor workaround

Hello there,
playing with Home asistant for a few days now. Great programm :slight_smile:

I have a cheap Kruidvat (Tuya based) motion sensor. Home assistant does see it, but as a switch. As i could not get it working like > motion detected = wifi plug on or Ikea lamp on (probably because i a m doing something wrong) i tried something else.
In the Smart life app (Tuya) where the motion detection does work i added an automation, it turns a spare not used (but powered) wifi plug A on. In home assistent i made an automation which says that this now turned on wifi plug A should be the trigger for turning on a lamp (Ikea) or wifi plug B.
How it goes, motion is detected, wifi plug A goes on. So far so good. Then wifi plug B (or Ikea lamp) should go on, but it does not. Probably because Home assistant does not know plug B is on? Sometimes after a while it goes on (probably because at that point the state of the sensors and switches are updated in Home assistant?). I checked that by switching a wifi plug on and of in Smart Life app, and then checking in Home asistant if it toggled or not, and it does not. Well not right away.
I prefer not using the Smart life app, and having it al fixed in Home assistant, but then i should get the motion detector working in Home assistant.
If i can’t get the motion detection working in Home asistant, i would like to know if i can somewhere set the sensors and switches check interval at a higher frequenty?
Thanks in advance.

what i do notice is that when i toggle a lamp in the ikea tradfri app i instantly see changes in the Home assistant app. And as mentioned before when i do the same with the Smart Life (Tuya) app it takes a (long) while to see changes in the Home assistant app. Is that because the tradfri has an own gateway?