Motion, sensors, and voice commands Aqara FP2

Hello all Not Sure, if I’m going to be asking a silly question I’ve just got my hands on a Aqara Fp2 now I would like like to do some of the fancy lighting set up like if I sit on my sofa in the evening I want my side lights to come on. now is it possible to set up a routine I walk into the living room the lights all on I sit on my sofa. My main main lights turn off my side lights turn on to say 20%, but lets say I would like to turn them all of by a command to Alexa to turn my lights off and stay off or would the Fp2 try and turn it back on because it knows I’m sitting in this area or if someone else walks in the room turn on all the lights. I hope someone gets what im trying to say
sorry if this is confusing I’m only used to setting up basic automations

Those most confusing part of that is the (lack of) punctuation.

Could you try to more clearly explain your layout, location of lights, counts, etc? Also explain why you are using both Alexa automations and Home Assistant automations? You should have only one “intelligence” for your automations to avoid “fights”, which I think you might have hinted at, but it’s difficult to tell.

Okay, let’s say I have a normal oblong room I have zigbe lights which which turn on and off with sunset and sunrise and I also have a TV moodlight which turns on once my TV switches on all run by home assistant . I don’t use the HA voice just because I haven’t played with it and my whole family is so used to just using the Alexa that it’s just become the norm I’m not using Alexa automations I just have some of my Home Assistant devices go through to the Alexa so I can turn them on and off with voice command or adjust them. I hope this helps.

Ok, gotcha. That all makes sense, and that’s good that you just have Alexa linked to HA and no Alexa automations or routines.

So what is the question now regarding the FP2, exactly? How do you currently have it configured, and what difficulties are you having?

Okay when I get home tonight I’m going to install it to Home Assistant but I haven’t set up anything yet as you can tell by me saying that I was just wondering if I set up a routine say I sit on my sofa which will be a zone when I sit there main lights turn off and my mood lights will turn on now if I say to Alexa turn off mood lights and they do what’s the stop them from coming back on Home Assistant is notified by the FP2 that I’m still sitting in that zone, as you can tell, I’m not quite sure how to set up routines properly or automations or another example is if I’m sitting in that zone after I’ve done the command to turn off the mood lights and someone else comes into the room and sits next to me. Would that trigger the original routine?