Motion Sensors on Sonoff SV

Hi guys,

I’m having some issues with motion Sensors connected to a tasmoted Sonoff SV.

I bench tested a pir sensor with an led and it works fine, tested with a Wemos D1 mini pro running tasmota and it works fine. But when I connect them to my Sonoff, they don’t trigger. I can short the output pin and get it to show motion in HA, but nothing will get it to work. A few random activations over the day but not as expected. So I gave up and brought a microwave radar motion detector.

Bench tested with led works fine, smashing actually, turning my head set it off. Connected to the Wemos and HA and works as expected.

Wired it to the SV, nothing. SV is setup correctly, I can short the switch all day and it triggers motion in HA.

Is there something I’m missing?

I’m about to throw the SV in the bin and use the Wemos, relay and motion sensor instead.

It’s for a garage door opener.

Just wanted to add it’s running tasmota-sensors as I’ve attached a AM2301 temp sensor.

I would like to add a motion sensor to my Sonoff SV that works as a garage opener as well. Any luck with your setup in the end?

I hope that you managed to solve your issues in the end. Everything worked fine for me. I had to set the SwitchMode 2 1 - so that the sensor sends ON/OFF message for switch 2 and SetOption114 1 - so that sensor state changes to do not trigger the relay.