MotionEye 0.9.0 update failure

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Thank you!!! I restored the previous version and now it works! :grinning:

I restored previous version simply searching a snapshot dated before the 0.9.0 update. In the proposed restore I selected only “motoneye add-on” (partial restore). The procedure executes completely automatically. The version 0.8.1 has been automatically restored. Now all it works as before.

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Thank you alex :wink:

motionEye 0.9.0 updated and is working fine on my Debian/Supervised installation.

that’s special !

When did you know the add-on has been repaired ? You can try by the next update, but that is a risk, I assume.

Keep an eye on the github issue here (although I must say it doesn’t have a lot of traction yet)

That’s what I am running, but I get the same unable to start motion error.

Not much use without a log I’m afriad.

Confirming that v0.10.1 now works again (HA 0.115.1 and Rpi2)

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I read that it is working again, but how can I update it ?
I’am now working with the version of @arkimedes (thank you) and now I thought :
and install the v.0.10.3
and than restore the backup, but that doesn’t work

Can anybody help me ?
(I learn a lot, but there is also a lot to learn)

Hi Werner, you must backup and restore ONLY configuration files…

Thank you, it works ! Great !

The issue was fixed whereby the temporary repository with the workaround was closed