Motioneye addon Issue

HI all,
I am trying to setup motioneye and coming up the a hard stop.

I don’t have any of this info and have no idea where to get this. Instructions mention nothing about this part. This is all it says.

The URL of the motionEye server itself – not the URL for the camera stream(s) that it makes available.


The username of the motionEye administrative account, used for changing camera settings.


The password of the motionEye administrative account.


The username of the motionEye surveillance user, used to authenticate video streams.


The password of the motionEye surveillance account.
So what am I missing.
Thank you

Not sure if you ever figured this out, but it is asking for for the usernames and passwords defined within motionEye itself.

Have you setup the motionEye addon? If you have, the integration should be automatically discovered and I don’t think you’ll need to manually enter the URL (I don’t remember entering it at least, and I just set mine up).

Once you have the addon running, if you open the motionEye UI and click on the settings button in the top left, you can define them there. They default to admin for the admin and user for the surveillance user, both with an empty password. You will have to set a password for both, and it would not allow me to set the same password for both of them.

Hope this helps!