Motioneye: Can I symlink the recording path to a larger drive in Ubuntu?

It looks like the default path for newly added cameras for recording is /share/motioneye/cameraname which is rooted in /usr/share/hassio/, which incidentally is on a drive that only has 150GB of space…

If I symlink to another location, am I going to whackadoodle the system?

Should be fine to do that on Linux systems.
Is it another path on the same hard drive or a networked location?

It’s a different mounted volume. Motioneye created /share/motioneye/camera1/ at /usr/share/hassio/ so it’s entirety is /usr/share/hassio/share/motioneye/camera1/ and I need the recordings to find their way to /leviticus/mediaResources/motioneye/<camera>/ as leviticus is 8TB.

you’ll need to delete the camera1 directory in /share/motioneye and create your symlink to /leviticus/mediaResources/motioneye/<camera>/.

I can’t imagine there are issues on the Linux side. I only see an issue if whatever writes there does something silly around path traversal.

I reckon back up the files in the /share/motioneye/camera1/ and give it a go.

i tried it, did not work… any ideas ?