MotionEye doesn't find USB pendrive

Hi everyone, I am new user.
First I tried to find other topic similar but nothing. I have a problem with File Storage in MotionEye.
I have MotionEye installed on Raspberry Pi 4 Model B with Raspbian 11, connected to my house LAN.
I have connected a USB pendrive 128GB formatted in exFAT. In the OS I can see correctly the USB pendrive.
If I go to Storage Device under File Storage, I can see the SD of Raspberry, an HDD connected but no USB pendrives, I tried with another pendrives, and with other file system (NTFS, FAT32) but nothing…
In the past, before formatted SD and reinstall Raspberry OS, all worked ok with the same USB pendrive. In the Storage Device appeared the name of USB pendrive (the second photo). I would like to setup new MotionEye settings like old setup.

Thank for your help.
Best regards.