Motioneye Integration vs add-on and motion notification

I have a motioneye add-on installed on my HA with server and GUI withon HA.
I have configured my cameras with motion detection.

The I want to have this automation triggered by event on motioneye.motion_detected from any of the cameras.

But within motioneye there is this webhhook POST i dont know if i need or not.
And now i figured out that there is both a motioneye add-on AND a motioneye integration within HA.
It felt like the integrations was more towrds an eternally installed motioneye-server.

But if I have the addon installed, do I also need the integration installed?
How do I easiest enable a variable trigger like a motioneye.motion_detected (any camera) from motioneye accessable from automation script in HA?

I have them both installed

Ok. But if you have them both installed, do you need to use webhooks to access motion detection within HA/Scripts or does it work automatically to acccess these variables if I install the HA integration on top of the add-on?