Motioneye integration window into dashboard

Is there a way to get the view of Motioneye integration view into the dashboard.
NOT by by “picture-glance-card” but the view I get when I klick on sidebar → Motioneye.
It’s bechause of the possibilities I can watch the recorded movies, in real speed and in fast fowward, download them, make snap shots etc, which is just great.

try this

Good idea.
It works fine om my Laptop.
But in the Android Companion App at my mobile the Web card keeps on loading and loading, but never displays the content.
My Home Assistant is running by https adress via DuckDNS, which works perfect other vice at the PC and mobile.

I am just guessing here but its probably because your motioneye is not exposed to the internet. But never tried this sort of thing i really don’t know.

I connect my Laptop to my neighbors Wifi.
Still the WEB side coming from my HA connected to my one network is perfectly displayed.
What does that mean?
An https Web page coming from an external server is displayed on my mobile dash board