Motioneye motion notification with image

Ok so I’m driving myself nuts with this, done loads of searches and tried a bunch of things and can’t get it to work!

All I’m trying to accomplish is to get a notification when motioneye (installed as an add-on to home assistant) detects motion which has a picture attached to it.

I’ve tried camera.snapshot and saving that file to config/www/ but it only gives a 0kb jpg. For some reason I can’t set up the email notification with my Gmail address (I get the error “name does not resolve”) I’ve even tried using the file via FTP as motioneye saves files on my router attached harddrive.

I’ve got a webhook set up at the moment which sends me a notification via join notifier when motion is detected so I’m just stuck on the adding a picture part! Any help greatly appreciated as I’ve now been trying for days!

@dansharpy, did you get it working? I would like to have this also. But trying to get it working via mqtt.
This might be a nice blueprint for you: 📸 Send camera snapshot notification on motion