Motioneye removing records earlier than expected?

I am experiencing problems with my motioneye configuration settings. Recorded movies are removed after 1 day, I want to keep them 10 days!

This is what I want to achieve:

  • I want the cameras to record 24/7 continously (no motion detection)
  • I want to save recorded movie for 10 days.
  • When the movie is 10 days of age, I want it to be removed.
  • The movie should be stored on both my RPi SSD and on my Google Drive

These are my current settings:

My camera has been running for about a week now, but only today’s date (as time of writing this, 6 sep 2021) remains on GDrive:

I am pretty sure there is something fishy going on here. If I set Clean Cloud (in File Storage-settings) to Off, files are kept forevever as expected.

What are the correct settings to keep the files 10 days?