motionEye Ubuntu adding VK-ILD04 VIKYLIN cameras

Hi there After some help with motion eye and a particular camera.
I’ve had mE working for some time with 3 cameras.
I purchased 3 new cameras months ago From VIKYLIN I believe they are possibly re badged HKs. But was never able to get them to work.
Recently I tried again and have found the MAC etc using Wireshark (Orig), (now) Not sure how this got a different IP but I know its correct because If I use a web browser It takes me to a splash screen indicating the browser is too new and it needs Active X.
I ran wireshark with only the PC(Ubuntu) and camera connected via swtich(no router or other net ) So I can see the ARP when I plug the camera in.

Ive tried all sorts of things, running IE under WINE , trying to find add ons for firefox.
Their CMS software(under WINE) just comes up blank.

The idea was to run their software, or browser whilst wireshark was up and see if I can find an rtsp to feed into motion eye.

any thoughts?