Motorised blinds powered

Hello everyone,

I’m in the process of installing new blinds and can accommodate any type of power supply, whether AC plug or USB, on the wall or in-wall.

I would greatly appreciate any recommendations on the best blinds for home automation, particularly those that are quiet and utilize Zigbee or another reliable connectivity option.

Currently, I have Ikea blinds and am tired of constantly needing to recharge them.

Thank you very much!

Can you add solar panels?

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Happy to but want reliability. Solar could work. One window doesn’t get direct sun tho

If its in a spot where you have a power socket you can use a smart power plug set to a schedule to recharge them when they are low or at certain days for 1-2 hours at a time and just run the cable down via cable ducts to make it a clean look.

Yeah that’s a really good idea I don’t think I can do that with the IKEA ones though. But there’s plenty of other zigby ones on aliexpress I can take a look at. Easy neat solution thanks

Yea if the plug to charge is in a bad spot then its best to replace with ones with better access anyways for the easy setup like this.

Another option is where you have more than one in the same area window setup you an use a USB powered hub to hide behind the central one and connect them all to it then hide the main power in via the cable duct to the power point.

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Yep I can easily mount a PowerPoint for these zigbee enabled as we have plenty of those in Australia now which is quite nice. And just put a small USB plug in there. I could have it run internally to the wall but if there’s any issues I’m a limited then on what I can do to change it over.

As long as its hidden behind the blinds with some space it should be fine so you can keep access to it in the event you need to replace the parts in the setup.

Since you are in Australia like me I can recommend the smart switches and power points from ozsmartthings, they have ones like this if you are gong to install sockets in the area:

oh nice one. yeah i was looking at the ikuu ones but the oz ones seem nicer too

Since they don’t come with specific instructions at the time least for me for the switches, you hold a power button on them for 10s to enter pairing mode once power is restored after licensed install has been done.