Motorized Shade Suggestions

Hi haven’t seen any progress at all from @Leviosa on the zone or their beta HA integration. Hopefully Tony can respond.

I emailed their customer support and showed them this thread. The rep I worked with said he would bring it up in a staff meeting and that was yesterday so hopefully there will be a fix soon.

I have more shades I want to order but I’m holding off until I know this is going to work. Thanks all!

Great, thanks for doing that. Hopefully @Leviosa will respond here.

Quick warning: try creating a new user first if you’re thinking of the Leviosa “Zone” hub.

HA needs the “Zone” hub
The Zone needs the app to set it up
The App needs a user account
The user-account creation is failing exposing an error in the backend
Leviosa doesn’t admit that they understand it’s broken.

Most of us would be using the “Zone” to interface with HA, but the Zone needs the App to be setup, and the App needs a new login created. Sadly, any combination of user and password (for example, user=“bob@example,com” pass=“hunter2hunter2”) fails with what looks like a common DynamoDB error (cloud backed by AMZ user user database in DynamoDB?).

Either way, we cannot fix the broken backend, and while it’s broken, we cannot set up the Zone, so we cannot have a hub discovered by HA, so we cannot use with HA.

Please try to setup the App with a new account before you place your order.

Hi @W0lfm4n … The shades are Custom RF, like a lot of older home automation. I don’t know yet whether the RF is fire-and-forget or has returns about state (ie how competitors keep you updated about battery levels in the blinds)

Remote ==(RF)==> Blinds

The “Zone” hub is a Wifi client, RF transmitter:

LAN → your_WiFi_AP —(Wifi)–> Leviosa_Zone ==(RF)==>blinds

This is the same as the Hunter-Douglas, at half the price. I’m unsure yet whether the Zone Hub transmitter will go through drywall as mine isn’t connecting yet, and the hand-held A114 “Emitter” used to set them up doesn’t make 20 feet when there’s a hollow interior (drywall) wall in the way. I’m hoping the Zone transmitter transmits with more power when mine starts working.

Good news Leviosa customers who desire HASS capability! Leviosa has finally released an update to re-configure Leviosa shades for HASS. See here Our next step is to formally complete the PR for HASS so setup is automatic.

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Hi Tony
I am working on a new house design with a lot (I mean a LOT) of blinds. Whole house will run on HA platform. Currently, my architect and interior designer are planning Lutron rollers and blinds, which just that will probably require separate mortgage - I already have Lutron in my current residence :slight_smile:
I am open to consider Leviosa, but I want to test it first in my current house (everything I am designing in should go thought this test)
Currently I have “new” construction window @ nearly framed ADU (open walls yet, not drywall and electrician is working on all electrical wiring - Line Voltage and Low Voltage) and I would like to add another blinds on existing sliding door - should be battery powered. That will check both powered and battery options. Any carpenter fixes (if needed) can be done by my contractor. Let me know with whom I need to work @ Leviosa. Please send me PM with the contact information


Hi Vladi-
Leviosa Shades can meet your needs, and offer considerable cost savings. Lutron is a fine company - and motor shades no longer need to be so expensive. Afterall, tubular motor technology is more than 50 years old. Expect a PM shortly.

If you choose Leviosa, I would check whether you can create a user ID in their website first – that was a required part of the install. It’s a local-polling, but needs cloud during config. And needs a multi-channel remote to set up blinds before automating with a hub,

Keep in mind that Leviosa seems to be a fire-and-forget: it fires off a command, and assumes the command was received and processed by the blinds. Quite often, I have one of 5 blinds not doing as the scene commands, yet the hub reports back to HA that all five are down or up or whatever.


Well. SmartThings integration has finally annoyed me enough (transitioned everything off of ST years ago, but kept ONLY for Leviosa integration). Now, ST ↔ HA is not working at all, so revisiting your HA integration.

Just downloaded the Aug '23 ‘beta’ version, installed, rebooted and tried to setup…


Back to this error. Running Unifi DreamMachine Pro and a separate IoT VLAN - which your hub is on.

Can we please get an update to the HA integration that simply allows hard-coding the hub IP during setup vs. the SSDP that’s clearly and still causing the issue(s)?

Thank you.

Hi @Leviosa,

We really appreciate the embrace of Home Assistant. I’m looking to buy 10 rollers and this is very much swaying me towards Leviosa (and the cost vs. Serena).

Two major wish-list items from me that are holding back Lutron switchers:

(1) The Zone product is not how this community wants to deal with smart home integrations. Please consider embracing Zigbee/Thread/Matter so that we can ditch the proprietary hubs and 433mhz altogether. I’ll have to buy three Zones and deal with these extra devices on my wifi and their vampire draw just to relay a few bytes of data now and again. If you’re committed to 433Mhz, please make a Zone Pro with ethernet instead of wifi and raise the 6 groups limit.

(2) Give us a very thin and elegant remote that can be installed inside a normal 1 gang adapter. This seems to be spirit of the “Group Wall Mount Remote”, but that device needs to be significantly thinner and more elegant design; and be able to be installed in a 2-gang wallplate to control blackout vs. sheer. The two group design is not usable by mortals to try to understand which shades are on channel one vs. channel two with a right and left LED/button. The “UI/UX” of the buttons is how humans are interacting with your product and it doesn’t read like a premium product currently compared to your competitors.

Thanks for giving us a more open and lower cost option; we’re rooting for you and hope this feedback can help you evolve to capture more of the premium and HA market.

A final wish-list item for me is to offer a drape-track motor – I need four of those too and it’s down to Lutron and Somfy with today’s choices and would love a disruptive third option.

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HASS Community-
We heard you, and now Leviosa Motor Shades offers a Matter motor over Thread option. This eliminates the Zone (wifi hub) for a direct IP connection. Setup is simple - the HASS App allows device linking of Matter devices - just scan the QR code on the motor.
And our Matter remote controllers connects in a 1 gang box, with push button control (on/off) for each group.


Is there specific instructions on your web page for install with matter? What does the 1 gang box refer to? Is that power for the remote controller?

Specific HASS integration instructions here. Thanks to user Bruce F for his experience integrating Leviosa Matter Shades with HASS.

The remote controller uses a simple coin battery (included), and requires NO external power source. You can mount it in a gang box, or simply mount it flush on the wall.

This is incredible news, Tony - I’m specing my next project with Leviosa rollers and will give it a try!