Motorized Shade Suggestions

I am looking for suggestions/comments on everyone’s experiences with motorized shades. There are a number of options out there from $100 DIY to $1000. I am looking for something probably battery operated, integrates with HA, reports position, reliable, and able to be set to a specific position. Thanks in advance!

I use Somfy roller shades and their RTS to Z-Wave adapter ( They are battery operated and have an optional solar panel for each shade in case you don’t want to worry about charging the batteries, though the panels are overpriced.

For a few blinds, I’m using My Smart Blinds with their hub as an upgrade to existing blinds, but that only gives you tilt open, not up/down.


Thanks Tomi. Has anyone tried Leviosa shades?

@JM123 I’m considering Leviosa too, please post back if you find any info on using them with HA

Disclosure - I am the Engineering Director for Leviosa Motor Shades.

Leviosa Motor Shades is an open system compatible with all major systems (ST, AHK, GH, C4, Alexa). Now 6 years old, Leviosa provides motor shades with the same fabrics as others (we all buy from same manufacturers), with the same 5-year warranty. Afterall, tubular motor technology is 50+ years old - it should no longer be so expensive. Leviosa is the affordable choice for top quality motor shades, with hardwire option or long-life power (large D-cell size that last for years - avoid those tiny AA battery systems or rechargeables that last only a few months). Shades up to 192" in width, dual shades, pocket cove systems, latest home automation - now affordable with Leviosa.

We are new to HA and have yet to integrate, but being an open system and having 100% success with all the others, we are confident in the integration. We are glad to provide our public API.

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Hi Tony, do you have a European presence?

No European presence yet. We can sell there, just need to manage the shipping costs.

+1 for soma smart shades and the soma-ctrl project over the soma integration. No battery info with the official integration yet.


Glad to see some manufacturer input here. I ran across your shades while searching around for options. I have a few sample swatches from you and the quality looks great. What wireless protocol do they use? You mention API, so I assume they are WiFi capable? How about a sample shade for testing??

Yes, the ‘Leviosa Zone’ is a wifi-bridge to the 433 MHz shade frequency mandated by FCC. We provide demo shades to dealers for sales/marketing, and many customers purchase a ‘test’ shade before ordering for their full house.

Looking for shades on a new home build. Came across the Leviosa product and wanted to check on HA integration as that is important to me. Anybody made any progress on integration since Jan?

Tony - Any progress on getting support? Looking to purchase new blinds for my house.

Hi Ben-
Leviosa has been compatible with many home automation systems since 2018. Sorry we did not update. See details here. Since Leviosa is an open system, we have 100% compatibility with major systems to date. We plan to offer the integration with HA by the end of the year.