Motorline plugin integration

There is a need of a Motorline plugin integration for Home Assitant to be able to control Motorline MCONNECT bridge.

Any chance that anyone has any insight into Motorline MCONNECT integration. I can control it (my gate opener) with fobs (probably RF) and MCONNECT WiFi app. Dearly love to integrate into home assistant.

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Yes me too! Anyone, please?

This feature request is three years old, and nobody has voted for it. If possible, start a new thread, with a link to this one to provide context if necessary.

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There is a 3 year old feature request for this with only one vote. I simply can’t imagine that not more people want this, so I will give it another try.

I am looking for support for the Mconnect Motorline garage door opener. It works with Google Home via Wi-Fi and is a very popular garage door opener in Europe. Any help would be appreciated.

Here is the link:

Done, thank you.

Please vote, people!

I know what the other person said, but this is a duplicate to Motorline plugin integration and is likely to be closed.

The only way to get this to happen is find others that use / like it and write a custom integration…

Duplicating [FR]'s is not going to help.

What’s also strange to me is that you didn’t vote for the other one…