Mount other paths - Custom Install

Hi guys,

I’m starting to play with Hassio and, Honestly… It’s great.

Due to my environment config I’m installing it along with other Docker containers because I don’t want to mix things up. For example I have already a DuckDNS container that provides me the DuckDNS resolution, other for Let’s Encrypt, etc. It’s simply that I want to have each container responsible for their things… yeah … Short of control freak… I know :stuck_out_tongue:

This means that, for some scenarios (Let’s Encrypt it a good example) Hassio will consume the result of other containers.

In my previous Docker configuration, the HASS container had the Let’s Encrypt certs path mounted so I just needed to add the reference as if it were a local path in my configuration.yaml.

I can’t find the way to do this anymore in Hassio. Any ideas on how to include a path mounted in the hassio container in the installation script? Maybe a param I missed?

Thanks in advance.