Mounting a FUSE partition under /media


I’m quite new to HA, but loving it so far. I’m using the Home Assistant Blue (which as far I understand, means Home Assistant OS + Supervisor). Everything works smooth!

My music streaming service is Tidal - similar to Spotify but different. I was thinking that it would be great to be able to access it using the Media Browser, so I created something I call “TidalFS” - it’s a FUSE based file-system that mounts Tidal as a local folder. It works great on my personal computer but I can’t get it to run inside HA, and that’s partly because I can’t even tell where I should attempt to install it.

  • Core SSH - If I try to mount it here, I get a message saying /dev/fuse is not accessible. Seems like the docker container needs to run with --device /dev/fuse but I’m not sure where to specify this? In any way, I’m not sure that would solve the problem - as this is a different container than HA itself, I’m suspecting that the files would only appear over SSH but not in HA. Not sure though…
  • HA OS - I thought the best bet would be to install it at the host and mount it to /mnt/data/supervisor/media, and this way it will be available on all containers. However my FUSE implementation is done in Python and it seems like python isn’t available on HA OS, and there’s no package manager (really?!), so I can’t get it installed. Is there a way to install new software on HA OS directly? Is it very very discouraged for some reason?
  • HA - I’m not sure I’m calling this component the right way, but there is of course the container running the HA interface etc. I guess I could also do it here and then it will be available on /media, but I’m not sure how to access this container and how to map --device /dev/fuse to it?

Would love to hear if you have any ideas!

and of course I managed to get it working just a minute after writing this post… SSHed into the the HA container, installed everything there and it worked just fine because the container is privileged. Perfect :ok_hand: