Mounting Hard Drive on Transmission

Hi everyone,

I am running my HomeAssistant on a proxmox server from a Intel MINI PC (NUC)

I have Transmission client installed but for now I am able to download only on the local disk where my HA is installed which is a 128GB

I have a 2nd SSD of 500GB plugged as SATA into the MINI PC and I would like to be able to download stuff on it instead of the 128GB

I did try to mount the disk from ProxMox (Hard Disk scsi0 disk-1) and adjust settings in the transmission client settings but it looks like I get an error, see below :sleepy:

Do you know what I am doing wrong ?

So far, the biggest mistake is not giving enough info :smiley:
In order for your system to see the disk as “sdb” it needs to be recognized by the OS as such (I doubt… would be at least /dev/sdb and possibly it would like a formatted partition like /dev/sdb1).
Most problematically I don’t get:

  • Which OS are you running home assistant on (Hassos, Debian,… whatever)?
  • In the image above, I don’t see any 128Gb disk in your proxmox… just a 60Gb and the 500Gb… then in the VM you assigned two disks of 32Gb, one from each datastore… are you sure of what you’re saying above?

So, can you give us a bit more info?


Sorry for lack of infos, let me know if the below is enough for you to understand :

## System Information

version | core-2023.5.4
-- | --
installation_type | Home Assistant OS
dev | false
hassio | true
docker | true
user | root
virtualenv | false
python_version | 3.10.11
os_name | Linux
os_version | 6.1.29
arch | x86_64
timezone | Europe/Paris
config_dir | /config

<details><summary>Home Assistant Community Store</summary>

GitHub API | ok
-- | --
GitHub Content | ok
GitHub Web | ok
GitHub API Calls Remaining | 5000
Installed Version | 1.32.1
Stage | running
Available Repositories | 1283
Downloaded Repositories | 21


<details><summary>Home Assistant Cloud</summary>

logged_in | true
-- | --
subscription_expiration | 17 juin 2023 à 02:00
relayer_connected | true
relayer_region | eu-central-1
remote_enabled | true
remote_connected | true
alexa_enabled | true
google_enabled | false
remote_server |
certificate_status | ready
can_reach_cert_server | ok
can_reach_cloud_auth | ok
can_reach_cloud | ok


<details><summary>Home Assistant Supervisor</summary>

host_os | Home Assistant OS 10.2
-- | --
update_channel | stable
supervisor_version | supervisor-2023.04.1
agent_version | 1.5.1
docker_version | 23.0.6
disk_total | 30.8 GB
disk_used | 4.6 GB
healthy | true
supported | true
board | ova
supervisor_api | ok
version_api | ok
installed_addons | File editor (5.6.0), RPC Shutdown (2.4), Terminal & SSH (9.7.1), Filebrowser (2.23.0-5), Cloudflared (4.1.7), Transmission (4.0.3-r2-ls177)



dashboards | 1
-- | --
resources | 11
views | 5
mode | storage



oldest_recorder_run | 25 mai 2023 à 06:19
-- | --
current_recorder_run | 3 juin 2023 à 09:27
estimated_db_size | 41.60 MiB
database_engine | sqlite
database_version | 3.40.1



api_endpoint_reachable | ok
-- | --


My HomeAssistant is hosted on a virtual machine and I believe we can’t see the full 128gb of my SSD because only 32GB has been allocated for it

And you’re right I think I made a mistake, the disk I m trying to mount is the one with plex_media mentionned and it also has 32gb space allocated for testing but it’s 2 different disks.

I think we don’t see the full 128gb on my screenshot above because I allocated the rest for my plex VM on proxmox (which we can’t see anymore because I’ve deleted it)

Then I suppose the problem is with HassOS. As far as I know, you can’t simply add a disk and make it visible to it as it is heavily dockerized.
Try this:

  • Go to Settings–>System–>Hardware
  • Click on “all hardware” and scroll down until you start seeing the block devices (the OS one will be sda)
  • Once identified the new disk (which I suggest you partition and/or format first with ext4 by mounting it temporarily on the PVE host) look for it’s device path. That might be the path you need to enter in your integration.

Ok thanks i will try when I get home but I’ve read to mount external hard disk to HomeAssistant you need to gain root access and perform some steps like below :

Do you think I need to do that even when using proxmox ?

To be honest, I haven’t tried that, but indeed docker is not very friendly for this kind of things.
I used to run HassOS in Proxmox too, now I have it on real hardware. Both cases make no difference as the OS cannot really differentiate.
I noticed that an LTE dongle I use does show up as disk and I didn’t have do do anything for it to be visible:

You might be just as lucky.