Mounting of Hard Drive for NVR Storage

So I am running HASS OS on a x86-64 arch(Dell i7 with 16gb, I like to go overboard :smiley: ) I have the OS running on a SSD, which I have dedicated to HASSOS and associated addons accordingly. I also run MotionEye, to access my NVR wired cameras and the doorbell camera, but I’m looking to do some redundacy. The NVR inherantly has a 1TB HDD, but since Im grabbing the RTSP from it, I’d like to migrate the bulk of recording to ME, with the NVR remaining as a failsafe, but, aside from using a network share, I can not for the life of me figure out how to mount and expose the HD I put in the HASS machine for this purpose to ME. Im pretty adept but maybe im having a brain fart.