Mounting SATA devices on Odroid HC4

Hello, can someone steer me in the right direction? I’m running HA OS on Odroid HC4. HC4 is a sister board to C4, which is officially supported. The difference is, HC4 has 2 SATA ports instead of extra USB ports on C4. The issue is, HA OS doesn’t seem to recognise these SATA ports nor the PCI bus they are attached to. lspci returns an empty response. (I am using root access through port 22222). I thought it was an easy fix and replaced the C4 dtb file in hassos-boot to the appropriate HC4 dtb. I also edited the boot.scr file to reflect this change. However, even though the system boots successfully, HA OS still doesn’t see the PCI bus. What am I doing wrong? The dtb I am using is from a debian repository, could that be the issue?