Move Action: Top/Bottom

On the Automations screen in the UI, you can move actions up and down the chain and that’s great. But when you start getting up to 20+ actions/chooses/if-thens, it’s a laborious process to move these things up one section at the top.

Can we get a double up arrow and a double down arrow to send the action to the top/bottom. It would just make it easier when adding an action to an automation that has 20 actions (which by default will build at the bottom) but I want it to fire first, I’m going to have to click up 20 times to get it to the top.

I’ve already thought this was needed on several occasions but now I’m putting in a request for it.

I don’t know how this doesn’t have more votes. Even just an option to hold the current up and down movement buttons to move to top and move to bottom would be awesome. Also, for dashboards, I get that a lot of people aren’t into dashboards and those that are probably just dive into yaml. But, for visual users, this would be a massive improvement while we wait on drag and drop.

Probably less of a demand since you can move the parts of your automation in the UI now

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