Move Aeotec zwave stick to new HA installation

Hi, I have an RPi 4 config that has been evolving for a long time with lots of legacy configuration. Recently, it started crashing over night - which is bad, because that means my PHEV does not get charged…

I wanted to move the stick to a new installation. I copied the S0 key, entered that in the ZWave add on configuration.

Now all devices are listed but as “Unknown”. What do I need to do for them to become known?

Many thanks

If the original issue was hardware related and the config was fine then I would take full back up of your original HA install and then restore it to the new install.

I believe that should bring everything over including add-ons.

One thing to try is to stop the ZWave Add On, pull out the stick for a few seconds, plug it back in and restart the Add On.

Thanks Tommy for the encouragement. I deleted the ZWave add on and integration, rebooted, plugged the stick back in, did a couple of refreshs. Now the first device begin to be be identified. Not all are there, but the one that is crucial for me is. So I am hopeful.