Move data to external drive: Invalid or not existing

Configuration: Home Assistant OS on Odroid N2+ with 128GB eMMC.

I recently added some cameras and am starting to run out of disk space on the eMMC. I connected an external 1TB SSD and tried to use the UI to move data partition. No errors were displayed and I didn’t see anything relevant in the logs, but it appears that it failed.

I tried again with CLI command:

ha os datadisk move /dev/sda

And I see this error:

Error: Can’t move data partition to /dev/sda: Device ‘/dev/sda’ invalid or not existing

The drive seems to be OK connected to another computer. Not seeing any indication of power issues, e.g. the LED on the enclosure stays on at all times.

The documentation implies that HA OS will partition and format the drive, i.e. I don’t need to put a file system on it.

Any suggestions?

Have you checked if the device really is /dev/sda? Maybe this device identifier is already taken or the settings dictate a different naming convention.
You can use the lsblk command to list all connected block devices, also a brief dmesg | tail (executed right after connecting the external HDD) may show some helpful information.

No lsblk on HA OS install apparently. However dmesg gave me the clue I needed. It seems to be an overcurrent issue on the USB port.

I have a USB 2 power display “thingy” that displays voltage/current for the device plugged into it. I plugged the drive into that, and now it’s working. My guess is running at USB 2 speeds, power consumption is low enough that it works OK. Unfortunately, that means the data transfer is succeeding, but disk I/O will be USB 2 speeds until I can pick up a powered USB 3 hub to supply the power needed by the drive to run at USB 3 speeds. Guess I should have thought of that before I tried it.

Thanks for the pointer!