Move ESPHome device to new installation/network

I successfully used the Tuya convert software etc to install EPHome on several Teckin SP10 plugs. All were integrated and working well with HA. However, now I need to move these plugs to a different HA on a different network. The code running on the plugs references the original network. I’m scratching my head as to how to access the plugs and update the ESPHome software with the new network spec.

Any ideas?

Thanks// Chris

I think you need to use this

  • use_address ( Optional , string): Manually override what address to use to connect to the ESP. Defaults to auto-generated value. Example, if you have changed your static IP and want to flash OTA to the prior configured IP address.

from WiFi Component — ESPHome

You can configure multiple wifi networks with ESPHome:

Configure your old and new network, move your plugs to the new location (with new network) and add them in HA.

I think I’m still stuck: The plugs have the original network (SSID/password) connection info plus a fixed IP address on that network baked into the code that they’re running. When I plug them into an environment with a different network SSID/password they still try to connect to the original network and of course there’s no network to respond to their request.

I then tried spinning up a guest network with the same SSID/password as the original, but the plugs still don’t seem to connect.

You are correct, you need to connect them to the original network. (or at least the same SSID/password)

Can you share your YAML config with us? (Be sure to not post the wifi password)

If you have a network with the same SSID/password, they should connect. Then you can remove the static IP and add a second wifi network.
How did you set this guest network up? Are you sure the credentials are the same?

Flash it on the original network, then move it.

Unfortunately the original network is about 2500km away. Hence wondering if there’s an alternate way.

The other option of course is to flash via serial/usb.

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Yes, this thread has been dead for a while now, but for everybody looking for a solution: Captive Portal — ESPHome

The captive portal component in ESPHome is a fallback mechanism for when connecting to the configured WiFi fails.

After 1 minute of unsuccessful WiFi connection attempts, the ESP will start a WiFi hotspot (with the credentials from your configuration)

Perhaps I’m being dense (and to be fair, I’ve yet to use ESP Home but I’m plotting my route to using it), even if it starts its own hotspot, how would I then change the wifi network for it?

You compile a firmware with the new network and download it.
You then upload it through the captive portal.

Edit: even better, you just enter the credentials for the new network, and then OTA update.