Move from HASS.IO on Sd to an SSD?

I have just installed onto a RPI4 with 4GB. I used the image for the pi4 32 bit from the Home Assistant site.

Is the a way for me to move my image to an SSD? I have read lots of post but they are all confusing to me, I am a relative NOOB, and it seems like a lot of work, from what I have read. I’m not afraid of work but it all seems pretty confusing to me. I was hoping there was a way to backup my image and then burn it to an SSD.

The configuration is all that matters, so you really want to do the following:

  • Back up your config via a Snapshot in
  • Retrieve the tar file for the snapshot from your existing installation via the Samba backup share (you’ll need to have the Samba addon installed)
  • Install on your SSD, including the Samba addon. This will be a fresh installation.
  • Copy your snapshot file to the backup directory of your new install
  • Hit the “refresh” button in the top right of the Snapshot page
  • Restore the snapshot

Everything should be back exactly as you left it.


I did the exact same thing, and it worked like a charm!

So thumps up for this step by step guide! :+1:

Sound good, but how do I get onto the ssd? Do I burn it using etcher, just I did for the SD card?

This goes into some detail on how to do it: Rpi 4 installation

Thanks, but that is awful confusing to me. Can’t I just burn the RPI4 image to the SSD, put on the SAMBA addon and then use my backed up config to bring my setup onto the SSD?

I assume the RPI4 will boot from the SSD correct?

Sure, you could try. It just sounds like it won’t work. Report back!

Assumption is the mother of all f*** ups. Assume nothing.

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Didn’t work and I am totally confused with the instructions above. How do I get onto the SSD if I can’t boot PI4 from the ssd?

to my knowledge, it’s not possible to install and boot to/from SSD drive. This is a request feature for future versions.
BUT you can install rasbpian OS and then the homeassistant (not on SSD and boot from there on a raspberry pi3B+

And on Rpi 4 you can boot from sd card but have your root filesystem on USB/SSD. Then there is no danger of data corruption through loss of the SD card.

Do you know the exact steps to make this work? I have read many ways and tried them all. No luck.

I have HASS.IO image for RPI4 on an SSD and buster on an SD card.

Frankly I would run raspbian on the rpi4 and run hassio over the top of raspbian. There are plenty of howtos for installing raspbian in the way I suggest.

Then hassio on top of that

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OK, but how do I get to run on the SSD instead of the SD card?

Have you heard of google?


Are you using the latest RC version of HassOS or the stable version?

Yes, and I have searched and read and read and read. Non tell me how to get my application, HASS.IO onto the SSD on top of raspbian nor how to run it if I did get it there. Please understand I am a NOOB when it comes to this stuff on a PI. I can us eall the help you folks are willing to provide.

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First follow the guide posted above to install Rasbian on the SSD.

Once that’s up and running then just follow the guide on the page for installing on a generic Linux install.

Thank you Philip. I will try that. I have tried other ways and all have failed.

Does this also apply for a raspberry pi 3B+?