Move from Proxmox to bare metal

I have a HA on proxmox virtual server but the data is being full and I need to reload snapshots.
I is probably due to my low knowledge on virtual servers and I now see I dont need the Proxmox and I like to use the NUC only for HA.
How do I move from Proxmox to bare metal?

I was thinking:
1 Update to latest version
2 create a backup
3 move the backup to other files system
4install latest HA on NUC
5 move the previous backup to HA
6 load the backup from Supervisor
I have the RfxTrx and a z-wave module on USB and I really need this to work as before…
Thanks for input!
The problem I have is that “lvs -a” om the proxmox datacenter gives me 100% use of %data and then I get these severe issues - I dont know why…

Noone that can share inputs on how to go from Proxmox VM to clean installation?

This should work

I think the method you outlined above would work just fine.

I would: take a snapshot/backup of the current HA. I’d also be tempted to take a copy of all the important .yaml files using FTP/SAMBA and keep them saved locally just in case.
Remove Proxmox, install HA, restore from snapshot/backup.

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

I’m sure you could find ways to resolve this from within Proxmox. I’m pretty certain you could just attach another drive, move the data for HA onto that drive. Or possibly just increase the size of the data volume from with Proxmox.

I would really like to increase the size of the data volume but I dont know how.

The picture indicates what the problem is - the “Data%” can go to 100% and then I am stuck and have to reinitiate images.
Is this data size 143Gb already or how should I understand the figures?
Any suggestion is appreciated. The problem usually occurs when I reload a HA backup or something lika that…

From looking at the image you have posted, it looks like there are multiple volumes attached to VM-100. Are all of them being used?
There is potential some of these ‘could’ be unused, especially if you have built/rebuilt the VM serval times.

The best way to check is by logging into the GUI via: https://the.ip.of.proxmox:8006
Head to that VM = 100, and look in both the Hardware and Options sections, at the bottom it will say “unused disk” - you should be able to remove any unused disks from there.
Note: only remove if it’s marked as “unused disk” and you are confident it’s no longer needed.

There are a few of what look to be snapshots of VM-100, you can validate this by looking in the “backups/snapshot” section of VM-100 via the GUI. If they are not needed, feel free to remove them. Personally, I backup to an external drive. So if the worst comes to the worst, I can recover the backup files.

The reason I mention this is it makes sense to free up anything that is not required, given the fact yours is 78% full.

If you wanted to increase the size of the data volume that is attached to HA, again, I would do this from within the Proxmox GUI.
Find your VM ID for HA, head to the hardware/options section, select the drive that stores the data, and at the top, it should say “resize disk”.

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I’d suggest creating a new Home Assistant OS VM and restoring a HA backup.