Move HA OS on Pi3 SD to Pi4 SSD

I have HA OS running on a PI3b but its struggling so I bought a Pi4 w/SSD

How does one move from one to the other? Will writing an image of the pi3 sd card onto the ssd drive work? (using balena), Currently the pi4 boots fine with RPi Os.

I spent the day getting the Pi4 booting and figuring out docker w/HA etc only to discover there’s no Supervisor … so figure I’d ask before loosing another day.

any tips appreciated. thanks

Follow Up … in case anyone else is looking for this.

Imaging the RPi3 SD to the RPi4 SSD did not work.
The RPi3 SD itself works fine on the RPi4, I tried setting it to boot off the SSD and then imaged again. No luck.

So what did work?
I followed the instructions here:
Note… you MUST use ethernet, else it simply does not work

Afterwards I installed Portainer as well, tho this is optional

Finally I restotred the snapshot using Google Drive Backup add-on App Be sure to buy the man a coffee or two so we continue to get lovely goodies such as this in our community.

And voila! it all worked. Nice to see my 'free memory go from 50mb at times to 2.7gb :slight_smile:

So which route did you choose? running Debian or running HA OS?

I went with “Home Assistant Supervised”, I have PI OS / (Debian) running, with HA in a Docker container and it has the Supervisor menu.

Edit: Uuugh, just learnt that the new Pi imager has an option to install HA OS to Pi4 SSD. :man_facepalming: