Move HA to a larger disk (Intel NUC)

Hi everyone,

I am using an NUC7CJYH2 with 32GB SSD and 8GB RAM running

Core 2024.2.3
Supervisor 2024.02.0
Operating System 11.5
Frontend 20240207.1

every now and then I struggle with low storage space because of backups being created and such.
This results in the z-wave network to shut down completely (unavailable).

Long story short.
I would like to migrate my existing HA installation to a larger SSD.
What is the best way?
Remove the SSD and dd if / dd of?
And if so, is it easy to increase the used space to the entire (larger) disk afterwards?
Or would it be better to do a clean install and use a backup to restore?

I found some guidance here, but most of them are pretty old and I wonder if there is a easier way nowadays.
Thank you in advance.

Easiest is fresh install and restore. you could clone but in my experience it will save no time at all and give no advantage.

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Alright - thank you for your feedback, @Arh

I assume you are aware that memory and storage are not the same thing?

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Yes, you are right - that’s misleading.
I meant storage not memory.
I will
Correct this.
Sorry (no native speaker)

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No worries, that’s what I figured. Just wanted to make sure you weren’t going down a wrong path. :slight_smile:

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