Move home-assistant db and logs out of "config/" directory

When mounting the config directory in remote locations, we run into issues with data sync’ing – different systems try to cache mount the entire directory, others will sync meta data.

With the size and constant updating of the home-assistant db (-shm, -wal files), it would be a really, really good idea to move these files out of the “config” directory. They really belong in their own db or log directory.

For the database, it is really easy :

  db_url: sqlite:////share/hassio_db/home-assistant_v2.db  

Oh. I’ll give that a shot. Anyway this can be a default setting? For new users, naturally. It does make sense not to keep a database or logs within a “config/” directory.

Don’t forget to make a hassio_db directory under /share.

And for a log file there’s hass --log-file location

Is there also a way with the ha command?
hass sould correspond to ha core