Move "HomeKit Bridge" to "Voice Assistants"

Can we have the HomeKit Bridge service moved over to the Voice Assistance section and relabeled as Siri? so we can have all voice assistances in one section of the UI?

I think that kind of reduces what the HK bridge integration really does though. It’s not JUST for control with Siri but also HK in general. Given there is a 150 device limit in HK per bridge, there still needs to be some sort of capability off creating bridges and accessories. I don’t see how the voice assistant section would handle things like that. For instance, I have over 20 bridges in HA right now, each one exposing different domains and entities. Trying to shoehorn that into the Voice Assistants section would be a nightmare (imho).

I can definitely appreciate that. I fine managing the devices now a nightmare I wish it had the sleek interface the other voice assistant’s use and I’m sure we could incorporate the ability to have multiple bridges

Oh, I totally get it. I’m onboard with some improvements to the HK Bridge integration (including dozens of devices in a single bridge is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy). I’m just not sure in the voice assistants interface is the best place for it.