Move installation from docker to RPI 4


I am sure most people migrate the other way around, but docker has not worked out so great for me, and I need to migrate stuff from the mac mini anyway. I am new to HA and need pointers on which files I need to move over. Is there perhaps even some backup-restore procedure in both installations that I may use?


What if I tell you that Home Assistant OS, Home Assistant Supervised and Home Assistant Container are using Docker? Only Home Assistant Core uses a Python “venv” and trust me - you don’t want that.

Migration scenarios depend on your current installation type. There is a snapshot/restore feature in HA OS (and HA Supervised?), basically everything which is next to the configuration.yaml (incl. hidden .storage directory) and the configuratio.yaml itself needs to be copied to the new host. Adjustments might be needed afterwards, as IP addresses and other host related attributes may have changed.

Ok. Great. Thanks!

My issue with docker on the mac mini has been that it too often fails to start also the container when the computer boots up. I thought that I’d try HA OS on an RPi instead and see if things improve.