Move logfiles into subfolder config/logs

As the title says:
it would be very nice if the logs were moved to a /log sub folder in config.
It’s just more consistent and when using AppDeamon and there are some rotated logfiles it just gets much.
Currently this would include (afaik):

  • home-assistant.log
  • OZW_Log.txt
  • app_info.log
  • app_errors.log

You can specify the location of home-assistant.log with the --log-file parameter of hass.

You can specify the location of appdaemon log files in the appdaemon configuration

  errorfile: /var/log/appdaemon/ha_apps_error.log
  logfile: /var/log/appdaemon/ha_apps.log

Thank you for the hint, I really did miss the log folders for AppDaemon.
Currently I am on HassIO, how would I set the parameter there?

I don’t use hassio, so I haven’t a clue.

yeh i agree - thought the same too and for the same reasons - in my case using hassio docker. i know it can be done externally but i think it’s better and more consistent through configuration yaml