Move OpenZwave pi to nuc

I have a failed SD in my pi (2nd time). Yesterday I installed an old NUC with proxmox and HA. I don’t want to restore from a snapshot (finally a reason to clean stuff) so I’m working to move over things piece by piece.
I used OpenZwave with the MQTT integration together with the AEOTEC USB zwave device and I’m now ready to move over the Zwave integration. But I can’t find a guidance ‘how to’ without loosing the included devices.

Is it simply plug in the USB into the NUC or do I also need to move config files (and which)?


The paired Z-Wave devices are stored on the stick so you should be able move the stick to the NUC without issues. As you already have downtime it’d be a great moment to make a backup of the stick :wink:

was not aware I could also make a backup of the stick.
Great suggestion… i will look into it
Thanks for the answer