Move "Reset to Demo Template" Somewhere Else

On mobile it is extremely easy to hit “reset to demo template” and lose all progress on a template. It would be great if it could be moved further away from the template editor or allow the ability to hide it. Anything that gets it away from its current position.

I would give this 100 votes if it was possible. I’d be happy with either of your suggestions, even requiring confirmation would be better than the current set up…

I agree. Anything that prevents you from instantly deleting your work unintentionally lol.

Having just, accidentally, wiped my complex test template on a PC (never mind a mobile) I concur, and would like to additionally suggest a ‘save as’ option to save the current template test-bed to a text file and/or internal location. I had saved most of my work manually, but option to save (file / ‘test-bed’), option to clear, option to reset to example, option to reload from ‘test-bed’ (perhaps all with ‘are you sure?’).

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