Move single integration device database to new install RFXtrx

I’m trying to move all devices added to the RFXtrx integration in my previous install to the new one. Any hints on how to achieve that? The old install was quite broken (and old) so I don’t want to backup/restore absolutely everything.

My digging has led me to the .storage folder and core.device_registry, core.entity_registry, and core.config_entries.

  • core.entity_registry looks very promising with the devices I’m looking for showing up.
  • core.config_entries looks like it contains the core RFXTRX device with the discovered devices - maybe it’s enough to only add things here? It seems to contain protocol id, device id, signal repetitions etc (but I’m mostly guessing here)

My main issue is that I realize there are a lot of id:s connecting everything, I’m worried it will take a ton of time if all links need to be migrated manually.

Anyone know of some tool to help? Or have some ideas on how to proceed? Would be very much appreciated!


Anyone finding this I’ve found some more details by digging. Some hints below:

  • Open the homeassistant\data\.storage folder in Visual Studio Code or similar
  • Search in files (Ctrl+Shift+F) for your entity name. Quickly finds all mentions of that entity
  • core.device_registry contains the main device. For RFXtrx devices, the name key will be the device id (friendly id format) and name_by_user will be your device name
  • Search in files for the original id (example AC 123d506:10) where AC is the protocol
  • The search result in core.config_entries will contain the full id.
    • the full id will be the key to the map, ex 0b11003b0123d5060a010f60. This is the one you want!
    • device_id will be something like [“11”, “0”, “123d506:10”]. My guess is that 11 is the protocol (11)

I choose to add the entities one by on in the RFXtrx integration configure => “Choose event code to add” => Paste the full id from above. Then rename and your old automation etc should work.