Move the ZWave group to a dedicated page


I use Zwave quite a bit for many of my light switches and dimmers and plan to use it for even more than that in the future. Everything works great with HA and its OZW integration (super well done!). However something that bothers me very much is that all of the zwave.* entities are displayed in a group called ZWave on the home screen.

I would like to move them to a dedicated page on the right menu bar, but without having to create a separate group listing all the entities manually. It does not scale if I add or remove entities. I just want it to be automatic.

Looking at the entities list in HA, the ZWave group auto-created is nowhere to be found.

How do I do this?


Did you ever find an answer to this? I’d like to know how to do this also.

No I did not. I will end up creating my own group with all zwave. entities and move that group to a specific tab, then it should work. But it would have been better to natively just have a group.group_all_zwave from the get go… Hope this helps