Move Zigbee device to different router without wiping

Over the years I’ve built up a good Zigbee collection. Unfortunately, until recently I didn’t pay attention as to from which router I connect the device so my map is a mess. Is there a way to move device from one Zigbee router to another without wipe/reconnect?

If your device is working, leave it. Zigbee devices tend to search for the best route themselves, you can change it, but there is no guarantee the device won’t change it again.
(except if you have old xiaomi/aqara zigbee 1.2 devices, they never change route)

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Looking at you Aqara door and window sensors :angry:

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If you just factory reset a device and re-pair/re-join it in ZHA then it with not be wiped so that is OK to do at any time, but there is no valid way to force a device to only connect to a specific router device because that it not how Zigbee work. So that only works with old xiaomi/aqara devices because they did not probably implement Zigbee. Tip to read and follow → Zigbee networks: how to guide for avoiding interference and optimize for getting better range + coverage

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thanks for pointing out. Maybe it’s just my OCD kicking in + the fact that ZHA thinks my Hue bulbs are routers and I’d rather it saw them as endpoints (as family are quick to turn the switch off killing connection to the bulb)

thanks for the guide! reset/onset means redoing stuff in integration (namely renaming entities) which is a pain…

You can’t change that behavior. Hue bulbs are routers and respond as such on the net. I don’t think what ZHA thinks they are matter. ZHA has little control over what happens on the net once devices start seeing each other. Even if you “pair device via this device” it still may move itself to another router later on.

A router dropping off the net can cause issues. I use mostly smart switches, but it’s why I avoid most zigbee bulbs anywhere there is risk of the bulb being switched off.

FWIW, Sengled zigbee bulbs do not act as routers, so may be an alternative for troublesome locations.

I’ve also had good luck with Wiz bulbs. They may not be desired for local only purists. They are wifi (so no zigbee router issues), need internet for initial setup, but talk locally with the HA integration.

Just for added clarification, do not remove the device from ZHA first. If the existing device is re-paired without deleting, it’s orginal name is maintained, even if you have renamed from the ZHA default.


That is you and your family using your devices wrong. Zigbee router devices should always have power (Zigbee router devices should always be available) so if you are going to use such smart lightbulbs then you should remove the dumb switches that break the power and instead install smart switches that control the lightbulbs via automation. This is why I do not recommend smart lightbulbs for anything but corded lamps (normally only window lights and floor lights) as it is then easier to just replace the cord in order to remove the switch from it. For ceiling lights, I personally recommend using smart switches with dumb lightbulbs instead.

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Yeah, I will let you deliver that message to my missus and a 5 year old :slight_smile: unfortunately they don’t care about it as much as I do

Nah that doesn’t look good. Aqara H1 switches it is then :slight_smile: or Shelly

Agree that smart switches or smart switch modules in combination with dumb bulbs is the way to go! :+1:

If on a budget then suggest also check out ITead’s Sonoff series, (like ex. their ZBMINI and ZBMINIL2).

Personally, I prefer the switch module variants as can then convert existing old switches (as well as leave you the option to later replace that switch module with a different one and keep the old switch).

Tip is to get those with Neutral if possible as then they will also act as Zigbee Router devices as well.

Read why → Guide for Zigbee interference avoidance and network range/coverage optimization

Neutral is an issue where I live - barely any in place so has to go with No Neutral option. I’ve looked at Sonoff ones but they have what looks like a low Amps. So I think I will go with Aqara since I already have one of them and works a charm.

I am good routers wise - central Conbee supported by 2 Tradfri repeaters