Moved from RPi Hassio to Generic Server Hassio, can't work out how to bring my old InfluxDB data with it

The server has a small 32gb SSD that I can’t crowd out with a growing database.

I’d like to migrate the current RPi Hassio data to my new install, ~30gb, so I’m planning to put it on the server’s internal 1TB drive - it has nowhere else it can go really.

I reckon I could use the INFLUXDB_DATA_DIR environment variable to point Influx in the right direction:

but will it automatically import the old data? Or do I need to tell Hassio / Influx explicitly?

Sorry to be asking before I try, but I think I might end up hosing the new install - and my docker career started 30 minutes ago :blush:

I’ve checked the docs, and searched the forum but couldn’t see something that answered this.

Is there a standard procedure I should be following? Or some lovely quick Docker / Influx magic that can do it all with a quick command?

The backup and restore procedure works for moving data from one instance to another.

Beware though, the restore overwrites any data in the destination, it is not a merge.

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Thank you!


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