Moved HA to Oracle VM Virtual Box - Need to change IP to access other network resources

Seamless restore of a backup from my Pi to the Virtual Box, and all devices are working. However I need to access other network resources from the HA machine running inside the box such as my Sonos, Cameras, etc. The IP address of my HA machine (I think this is the issue at least) is not allowing the HA virtual machine to see any of these resources. Read all the VM docs that I could find, but after two days of trying, no success.

Any and all ideas welcome…thanks in advance!

You probably have the VM running with some internal network configuration or the firewall of the host machine is blocking certain traffic.
If you ‘virtualize’ real computers, it is quite essential to focus on how the network is handled. If the host is Windows, I can’t really help you, I use only Linuxes as host and also not VirtualBox anymore but KVM/libvirt.
The theory is that you need to have/create bridge for the real ethernet port. Then the system software adds a virtual ethernet port to that bridge, that is the the virtual ethernet cable of your virtual machine. In VirtualBox it is called or done a bit different, I don’t remember the details anymore. But look into the VirtualBox documentation, I learned a lot from it and into your Windows firewall.