Moved no longer have QR code for plugs. where to find?

I moved and have 8 smart plugs. No longer have the QR code. What do I do?

I don’t know if I can help. but the type of device will be important to answering the question. What protocol?
(matter, bluetooth, wifi)

You might end up going to the mfgr website and looking for an instruction manual.

They are just plugs I use to control lights…through Apple’s Home app.

That’s not helping…
If they are matter based, they will still work with your apple stuff.

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Some devices will have a scannable QR code printed on the them at the back, double check the plugs you have for one there.

My thought is if they are matter, the QR is no longer valid and it will still just work in your Apple world. If it’s wifi it will have some sort of power-up sequence to trigger reset. If it’s BT there will be a number on the plug like you said.
All we have is plugs that used to work with one of the Apple protocols.